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Wine Style – a specialized wine and spirits magazine

Since its first issue in 2006, Wine Style magazine has actively covered the developments in the world of wine. Our goal is to offer good quality information for the wine experts, as well as to incorporate entertaining and light features aimed at an average or potential consumer, all this with the idea to make wine more popular and to support the development of the wine drinking culture.
We educate our readers, the majority of which not being wine experts, but wine lovers, in order to help them find their way in the labyrinth of what is being offered in our market by organizing a variety of wine tasting events, wine courses and periodically publishing professional and populist publications (Top 50 Ex-Yu Wineries, Matching Wine and Food). Apart from that, each year, we organize a Regional Wine Conference and an Exclusive Wine Salon.
The attention of our magazine is largely focused on activities in Serbia and the region of ex-Yugoslavia, with an overview of current trends in the world. This makes Wine Style magazine the only medium in the region which year on year comes with the latest information from the prestigious Festival in Merano and which takes part in the famous Primeur tastings in Bordeaux. We have published several exclusive interviews with great authorities from the wine world, one of the most important being that with the world’s most famous oenologist Michel Rolland.
The magazine also features some contents that we feel suit the interests of our target readers – interviews with famous people and businessmen and women, articles on food, travel, cars, watches …

Wine Style magazine is published bimonthly, as of October 2006.

The magazine is not intended for sale. Circulation 12,000.

Publisher SPECIAL PRESS D.O.O. Belgrade

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